Softtelecom I+D

Centro de empresas, Parque Científico y Tecnológico UPM

Campus de Montegancedo, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid


Telefono: 91 452 49 48/47

We love testing and coding

About us

Hi-tech Company

We are constantly up to date with the latest technologies because of our privilege location and close relationship with the Science University of Madrid.

Consolidated Company

Our company has been offering software development services to companies for the last 6 years, specialized in IT projects, Commerce and Cloud Services.

Prestigious Clients

World renowned companies as Telefonica, HP, Intel have trusted us to develop a high variety of software to integrate into their business.

International Business Expansion

SoftTelecom company is based in Spain developing internationally software management business around Europe, USA and LATAM.

The Company

SoftTelecom Desarrollos I+D is a startup company created in 2005 in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Business Center with the collaboration and shareholder of some experts and well knows doctors of this University. SoftTelecom´s solutions and products are distinguished by it´s high technical background as a result of it´s investment in Research and Development.

We been working with the most prestigious companies in Spain, in several projects, always with the same idea of make our clients grow offering them specific solutions to their needs and real problems.

From the beggining Softtelecom had bet for new tecnology, research and developing as business model. Its privilaged location at Science Park Montegancedo of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid is a prove of it.

Our Clients

Delivering the best solutions to prestigious companies